dimanche 3 janvier 2016

Fez: The International Artist’s Gathering

The International Artist’s Gathering is an opportunity for local and international artists to discuss their work and collaborate on future projects, while at the same time, presenting their work to the public and opening up the discussion to a wider audience. It also creates a platform for local artists to understand different artistic perspectives and learn from them.

This gathering is the preparation stage for the larger International Art and Photography Festival, to be held in Spring 2016.

You can join us by filling the contact form below :  



Thursday 7th January - ALIF RIAD

7:30 PM
Reception, welcoming guests and presenting the program

8:30 PM

Friday 8th January

9:00 AM
Presentation/Panel -> ART Space/ Artist Residency
TakaFes: Cultural Organization, Fez, Morocco
Culture Vulture: Cultural Orgnization, based in Safrou
Pilotenkueche: International Artist Residency, Leipzig Germany
Art Space: Prima Kunst presented by Fatma Gültas and Felisha Bahadur, Kiel, Germany
Violeta Caldrés: Director of the Artist Residency El Rassama, Fes, Morocco
Patrick Segura: Visual Artist, Chicago, USA

10:30 AM
Coffee Break

11:00 AM

Presentation/Panel -> Fine Art Photography
Thami Benkirane:  Photographer and Professor, Fez, Morocco
Eberhard Hahne: Designer/Photographer, Cologne, Germany
Evi Blink: Photographer, Cologne, Germany
Jeanne Mercier: Plateforme d'échanges de photographe en Afrique, Rabat, Morroco
Tanja Laeri: Visual Artist, Bern, Switzerland

Friday 8th January

1:00 PM

2:30 PM

Presentation/Panel - Art in Sufism
Roderick Grierson:  Director of the Rumi Institute at Near East University
Sidi Brahim Tidjani:  Spiritual Leader, Fez Morocco
Peter Dziedzic: PHD in Sufi Art, Chicago, USA
Ramia Beladel: Visual Artist, Marrakech, Morocco
Hamza El Fasiki:  Multidisciplinary Artist, Fez, Morocco
Miriam Hicklin: Writer, London, United

4 PM
Coffee Break

4:20 PM
Presentation/Panel -> Contemporary Art
George Bajalia:  PHD Anthropology, USA/ Moderator
Soukaina Jaoual: Visual Artist Fez Morocco

Saturday 9th January - Medina

9:30 AM
Study Visit/ Medina tour: Visits to Galleries, Art spaces and Studios 

1 PM
Lunch at Culture Vulture art space

8:00 PM
Slideluck / Slideshow Production